My name is Antonella Barbieri and I’m a cross-cultural business communication consultant.

My job is to help your business break into the Italian market and facilitate the communication with your audience.

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My services

translator (1)


English> Italian

Do you need the translation of your sales performance presentation to impress your potential Italian partner? Do you want to inform the Italian branch associates of your company about next year’s financial forecasts with a subtitled audiovisual recording? I can translate a wide variety of business-related texts such as:

  • Business presentations
  • Training material
  • Financial reports
  • Tender-related material
  • Employee handbooks
  • Employment contracts
  • Business proposals


Italian/English >Italian

Just like a painter who faithfully transposes on canvas what’s in their commissioner’s mind, I can give shape to your projects and ideas into words. And if you already have the perfect content in your language, I can adapt it for the Italian audience. I offer B2B and B2C copywriting and transcreation services for:

  • Blog articles
  • Websites
  • Press release
  • Slogans
  • TV/Radio spots
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures



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bjective (3)


English <> Italian

Are you going to approach a new or existing client from Italy, but you can’t speak Italian? Is your client unable to keep up with your English, even if you’re speaking at a moderate pace? I can help you to send the right message to your prospect – whenever and wherever you are. I provide interpreting services:

  • For business meetings/seminars
  • During trade fairs
  • Over the phone



deal2 (1)


Just like in every human interaction, communication has also a key role in every business relationship and process – from the new business plan presentation to the meeting on next month’s sales forecasts, and the employee training guide, to the formal correspondence with a prospective client, and so on.

In an international framework, things can get a little bit difficult. If underestimated, verbal, non-verbal and written communication may lead to misunderstandings, disappointment, or even the loss of an interesting, fruitful business opportunity. That’s why you need an expert who not only knows the target language, but who is also familiar with the business etiquette of the country with which you want to do business.

Thanks to my studies in Linguistic Mediation for Business Communication, together with the skills I’ve acquired during my professional experience, I can help you to approach and connect professionally with the Italian B2B and B2C market.

objective (4)


You’ve developed a new product, and you want to convince your customers to buy it. Your product is a powerhouse of ideas and values you’d like to share. The marketing campaign in your country is extremely successful, and your market research shows that your product has a high rate of success abroad, too.

However, conducting the same campaign on an international scale is not as easy as it may seem. The slogan, the name and the advertising poster of your product may be culturally incompatible, inappropriate, and in some extreme cases, even offensive for a foreign market. That’s why you need a specialised professional who is native speaker of the local language and who has a thorough cultural understanding of the target country.

The combination of my academic background in linguistics and marketing, together with my continuing professional development and working experience are what you need to convey your message effectively.

Micro-areas of expertise

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Electrical/Electronic Engineering


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Why me?

  1. I have a solid knowledge of the cultural differences involved in and out of the business environment;
  2. I’ve worked with several Italian companies, and this has helped me to understand their modus operandi, strengths, and weaknesses;
  3. My priority is to understand my clients’ business, mindset and goals to meet their needs in the best way I can;
  4. Quality, ethics, hard work and dedication are the key values of my business;
  5. I love what I do, and I love to see my clients happy.


standing out flower

Quality, ethics, hard work and dedication are the key values of my business.

What they say

During her work in Re-Play, Antonella was able to significantly increase our business internationalization, smartly working at several aspects of the process (social media, sales, software localization). Her technical skills, combined with her open-mindedness, are a trump card possessed by few.
Andrea Laiena
I got in contact with Antonella through the internet and I've been very happy to work with her for the text of my website. She has been very helpful giving me also some suggestion on the SEO strategies. She is very accurate as copywriter and it has been a very pleasure to collaborate with her.
Emma Bifulco
Fast, proactive, professional and always striving to deliver the best quality. Highly recommended!
Client (NDA)
Project Manager, American manufacturer of ophthalmic products


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About me

Passionate and curious about languages and different cultures, I’ve dedicated my life to the world of linguistics, philology, literature, translation, and cultural mediation, obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in European Languages and Literature and a Master in Professional Translation and Linguistic Mediation for Business Communication.

Travelling across different countries in Europe, US and South-East Asia, both for pleasure and work, has helped me to get in touch with different people, habits and mindsets.

Both during and after my studies, I’ve cooperated with Italian companies in the Telecommunications, IT and Electrical Engineering sectors, working on marketing and communication strategies and business development in Italy and abroad.

In 2012, I started my career as a part-time freelance translator. Through this period, my work has attracted the attention of major companies in the technology and pharmaceutical industries. In 2015 Ieft the engineering company in which I was working to focus on my business.

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